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Interesting Sex

Interesting Sex is a sex positive podcast where host, Miranda, speaks with guests who have sex worth hearing about! Ranging from fetish, kink, bdsm, queer and anything else you can imagine, Miranda asks the questions.

Who, how and why do we f#$k?


Thanks for listening!

Sexual awareness turns into acceptance which turns into a stronger community and life for us all.

Mar 26, 2019

Ms Lady is the owner of Lady's Wicked Playground near Allentown, Pennsylvania. She showed up late to the kink game, but when she found it, she was at home. Find out how she learned how to dominate, what her favorite toys are, what her slave does for her and her family, and why she finds this lifestyle so...

Mar 19, 2019

Lucky Me! Rocky Emerson "trash baby" tells us so much! How she got into extreme submission and impact play, how she got into porn, she tells us some of her crazy adventures, and this chic be cray! If she had a dick what would it look like? How does she make sure she feels safe during submission allowing her to go as far...

Mar 12, 2019

I am so lucky to have Hannah on the show!!!! We get deep inside... a spiritual side of sex. Alone or with a partner, honing in on your sexual energy and using it as healing or as magic! We also have a sh*t ton of fun. 

Check out her book 

"how to be a badass goddess:10 powerful steps to knowing yourself, loving yourself...

Mar 5, 2019

Soul is fierce. Mr Fallout RVA 2019 is so kinky, I could barely handle all the information. Talk about a find! We talk about puppy play, wild, Water Sports- Golden Showers, Butthole Eating, the best number of people for an orgy or gangbang, Prep and the decline of condoms and so much more. Are you ready for an...