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Interesting Sex

Interesting Sex is a sex positive podcast where host, Miranda, speaks with guests who have sex worth hearing about! Ranging from fetish, kink, bdsm, queer and anything else you can imagine, Miranda asks the questions.

Who, how and why do we f#$k?

Thanks for listening!

Sexual awareness turns into acceptance which turns into a stronger community and life for us all.

Oct 29, 2018

So stoked to have this creator, Peteus Maximus of Maximus Leatherworks on the show. We talk about fire play, which I didn't even know was a thing before this interview! We chat about open relationships, designing leather bondage gear, his love of being a dom as well as his willingness to try and bottom,...

Oct 29, 2018

Icy London, a burlesque dancer in Seattle talks about dancing, sex parties and suitcases full of sex toys!

She talks about how she found her way into the beautiful burlesque scene in the North West and how the kink community embraces and encourages sexuality, openness and exploration. From pink bondage gear to enjoying...

Oct 29, 2018

On Interesting Sex Podcast, Miranda interviews people that are into BDSM, kink, fetish and anything that isn’t that vanilla.  She talks to people about their sex but wants to open up a little bit about her own past so you know where she is coming from. Having tried being a submissive for the first time, there was...