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Interesting Sex

Interesting Sex is a sex positive podcast where host, Miranda, speaks with guests who have sex worth hearing about! Ranging from fetish, kink, bdsm, queer and anything else you can imagine, Miranda asks the questions.

Who, how and why do we f#$k?

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Sexual awareness turns into acceptance which turns into a stronger community and life for us all.

Nov 9, 2018

Bella LaVey is a very cool guest. She started in the sex industry as a striper, then becoming a pro-Dom, an erotic wrestler and now an author and a holistic sex coach. She finds sex and spirituality to be deeply intertwined. She is a giving mother, a caring human and now is living life helping others find themselves in their own sexuality. We are so lucky there are women in the world like Bella. 

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Fetish Girl: A Memoir of Sex, Domination and Motherhood 

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Instagram- @BellaLavey

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